Current Lab Members
Luís David Alcaraz
Postdoctoral fellow (CONACYT, México).
My main interest is studying the link between phylogenetic and metabolic diversity in microbial communities, currently human oral microbiome, using metagenomics, bioinformatics, and comparative genomics. I am also interested in functional genomics and find out gene expression patterns under challenging conditions to the human's mouth microbes.
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Alfonso Benítez Páez
Postdoctoral fellow
The biological, molecular, phylogenetic, structural and functional information derived from massive and high-throughput studies is being largely used in order to explain biologic systems in all living cells and to know in-depth major cell processes as replication, transcription, and translation. Nowadays, I’m interested in scientific researching using computational biology as major field of achieving knowledge and testable hypothesis. However, I'm also interested to use molecular biology approaches to confirm or refuse the assumptions previously modelled. Altogether, my scientific interest is currently focused on the study of genome structure in terms of architecture, functionality, and plasticity, as well as studying the evolutive forces acting on it.
Raul Cabrera Rubio
PhD Student
When I was a student considers that the best way to fill my free time was a trainee at a microbiology laboratory, since then I can not imagine doing anything else. I started my PhD in the study of oral biodiversity, as well as oral ecosystem knowledge using tools such as metagenomics, metranscriptomica and bioinformatics, and trying to dig deeper into the oral ecosystem.
Pedro Belda Ferre
PhD student
I graduated in Pharmacy at the Miguel Hernandez University (UMH) in 2008, and then I started my PhD studies in Molecular and Cell Biology working with the oral ecosystem. I'm mainly interested in understanding the oral ecosystem through metagenomics, transcriptomics andbioinformatics, and how different ecological and functional diversities correlate with the oral health status.
Aurea Simon Soro
Master Student in molecular biology, cellular and genetic.
It’s a professional challenge, such as dentist, the study of oral microbiology based on metagenomics, with provides a broader knowledge about the microorganisms that make up the oral microbiota, so we can deal effectively on the basis the pathogenesis.
Carmen Diez Ridocci
Biotechnology student
I’m a biotechnology student and I entered this group to do my career practices, learning some lab techniques such as DNA extraction, PCR, electrophoresis, bacterial cultures, etc. Now I’m going to start my final career project though I liked how the group worked and the work they do.